Friday, July 18, 2014

Not my will

Being a domestic advisor for two clients is pretty demanding. I need to plan their day, book appointments for them, set times where and when they see their friends, and of course make sure their happy. It's a tough job and it never ends but it's also a joyous job. 

But with these planning different activities I tend to forget that God is sovereign. I just assume things will go according to my plan and how and when I want it to happen. 

Praise Jesus for allowing me to have great quiet time and devotion to meditate that He is in control of everything...even our little outings. It's so easy to get frustrated and angry when things do not go according to plan, like today, but He calmed my heart and reminded me "if The Lord wills then...." He humbled my agenda, my time line, my planner. He reminded me of His goodness and Hos love for me even when things do not happen the way I expected. And for that I am truly grateful. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer vacation

When I was a kid I always looked forward to summer vacation. Sleeping homework...going places. But now that I'm a mom of two school kids it's a bit scary. I still like sleeping in, no helping with homework but we still do school work, and going places. But being a stay at home mom I'm with these girls literally 24/7. And you know what that means...sanctification time. 

I love spending time with my girls. I love making new memories with them. I love taking them to places or hanging out with their friends and seeing their big smiles. BUT I don't love the whining, fighting, and a lot of disobeying. 

I'm excited to see how The Lord is going to grow me this summer. I know I still have a lot of growing as a mom and having a teenager (she's only 6) is going to stretch me a bit, but God is gracious. I need His grace. I need to draw close to Him and I need to know He's sanctifying me through this summer. I love my little babe and baby, and I want them to see the love of Jesus via their not perfect  mom rather than an impatient and tired crazy mom. 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Sin is not individualistic

For a while now I've been seeing how sin is very destructive and hurtful. But many times ppl think that sin is only on an individualistic realm where it's only going to affect the person who is sinning. Unfortunately this is not true. Sin affects so many ppl around that person. It destroys relationships, destroys trust, and destroys ppl. Sometimes when we sin we think that "I'm sinning so it's my problem" without any regards to who will be affected because we think only on a self level. Yes God will discipline the believer individually but the affects are felt towards other ppl. 

For instance when Eve sinned. It was her decision to take the fruit, her decision to listen to the serpent, and her decision to eat the fruit. But guess what; soooo many ppl got affected by her sin. Adam followed her into sin, the woman race got curse because of her sin. Was she thinking about how her sinful actions will affect and be destructive to other ppl...I don't think so. 

Another instance was when David sinned before God with Bathsheba. His one selfish act to have another man's wife affected so any ppl...a nation. It killed the husband and destroyed the nation. 

When we sin we forget that we are not on our own island. The things that we so affect other ppl. We sin against God and we hurt and sin against other ppl. It's very foolish to think our "personal" sins will stay many families get hurt bc of these personal sins. So many lives get shaken. God called out a ppl group, His church is a family and to think that a person sins will only affect that person is very very foolish. 

My heart hurts when ppl sin. It hurts when i see how it hurts other ppl but I know God is soveriegn and He is good. Through the fire we are being refined. I pray that I stop being foolish and realize that my secret personal sins will hurt other ppl bc we are all His ppl group. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 7...our 23 hour layover

Before our trip comes to an end we had a 23 hour layover in London...which means exploring time. We met up with our dear friend Jireh and met his lovely girlfriend Laura. It was so nice spending a couple of hours with them before we had to leave. 

First stop was the Queen's house and since the British flag was flying high in the sky then that means the Queen was home. 

(Everyone be jealous now!!)

Our next stop was Big Ben. And according to Jireh this is the "money shot." 

Then we walked to the London Eye. 

The sunset was beautiful but it made the weather colder. 

S taking advantage of having her Ninong Ji around. 

We walked around some more and took more pictures but with my real camera. Sorry for the lack of pictures. 

Saying good-bye with our friends but we will see them in 3 weeks again. 

Our Europe trip 2014 has come to an end. We fly to LA tomorrow and then back to our normal life. Until our next trip...keep on traveling friends. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 6 - Short trip to Vienna

Our trip is coming to an end but we can't just end it with flying straight to LA. So our journey back home contains a layover in Vienna (5 hours), a night in Germany, a day in London (finally seeing Ji) then flying home. 

And since we had 5 hours to kill in Vienna we decided to walk around for a little sight seeing. 

(The girls were tired of seeing old buildings)

Vienna was about 40 F and since we are from Cali we were freezing!!! 

Hopefully the next post will have some familiar faces!! Good-bye

Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 5, our last night in Italy

Today we were determined to see a lot of places. The sun was shining again which was a huge blessing and the girls slept fairly well. Our first stop was The Vatican Museum. 

(The dome is St. Peter's Church)

Inside the museum they had a lot of great art. Here are aomw that caught my eye. 

(Reminded me of the weeping angels from Dr. Who)
(Sphere within a sphere)

(View of Rome)

(The roof of the Sistine Chapel). That chapel was breathe taking and oh so beautiful!! 

Outside of the Vatican looking at the church of Saint Peter. 

After the Vatican we decided to get gelato!!!

Then we headed to the Spanish steps...

We wanted to walk to the Pantheon and we found a lot of cool things on the way. 

Finally reached our final destination. The Pantheon. 

And of course we ended the day with more Gelato!! 

Our stay in Italy was very pleasant. I don't like their public restrooms in Rome and some ppl can be rude bc you don't understand them but all in all Italy was AMAZING!!  

Well hopefully if we come back to Italy we can visit Verona!! Ciao. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 3 and 4...rain

Day 3

We wanted to visit more of Tuscany so we headed to Florence. The clouds were out but we didn't think anything about it. It was a good hour drive but the way to Florence was of course beautiful. 

Once we reach Florence driving to the Dome was a bit tricky. Italy has these signs that does not allow you to drive through the streets and since all the little streets had them we had to find parking and walk to the different locations we desired to see. 

I didn't mind walking around Florence, the buildings were old and beautiful. 

We finally found an old church building not our main stop but mind as well take some pictures. 

While taking some pictures we notice dark clouds coming our way. So we head for shelter and we found ourselves in a thunderstorm. So we found refuge in this old church building which they turned into a museum. 

We stayed indoors for about 45 minutes then we noticed the rain softening up so we bought an umbrella and took to the streets. We couldn't reach the dome but it was still a nice adventure. 

Day 4

Rain continues but we decided to explore Siena anyway. We wanted to see the Piazza then head back to Rome before heavy rain started but Praise God no heavy rain came. 

I'm a little bummed that we didn't get to see more of Tuscany but God has been very gracious with us with this trip. Traveling with two little kids has been trying. S gets car sick all the time which causes her to complain all the time. K is picky with food that's here but at least there's pizza!! There has been a lot of impatient arguing, lack of sleep arguing and straight out arguing. Our sins have been revealed throughout this trip thus far but it humbles me to know that I'm forgiven because of the blood of Jesus. Tomorrow is a new day which comes new blessings. Until tomorrow ciao. 

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