Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jehovah Jireh Part 4

I'm so amaze to see how the Lord has been blessing up and providing for our family. I see His goodness throughout this time of preparation. God blessed us with a crib that is in good condition (Thanks JJ) and then two kinds of swing sets (thanks Tesoro family) and so much more. Each time we receive word that someone wants to give us something for her, my heart rejoices and praises God. Although having a baby can be expensive God has been using our brothers and sisters in Christ to help us out. It astounds me how much of her things we did not pay for. God's grace goes beyond what I can imagine.

Thank you Lord for your abundant grace and your provision on undeserving people like us. You have once again gone above and beyond our prayers...and all we can do is glorify your name!!

Still fixing her corner and hopefully by the end of today, majority of her things will be put away and ready for use. I'll post pictures later!

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rubyellen said...

Go get those baskets!!!

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