Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The hardest night ever

During the day she's usually good, which means she's usually sleeping. She'll wake up here and there for feeding and to play but other than that she's not a handful. God has been very gracious with us during the day. There are times people come by to visit and to keep me company, like last night Crystal and Jasmine decided to come by and buy us dinner. That was a huge help. But the biggest trials I've been having with being a mother to a newborn is when it's bed time.

For some reason she's wide awake in the evening when it's time for bed. Not only is she wide awake but she gets fussy. I try to be patient with her and try not to get frustrated but it's so hard when all you want to do is sleep. I try not to bother my dear husband because he has to wake up at 5:30am for work but lately he's been waking up as well trying to help me to put her to sleep. I don't want to get angry and turn it towards her because I know she is not doing it on purpose...but it's so hard at times when I'm sooo tired and I can't sleep. Please pray for us in the evening, I know it's trying on both of us and we both are so sleep deprived.

Here are some current pictures as well:

We finally got a picture of her smiling but unforutnately it's blurry.


Joyce said...

hey mommy! haha ok it's not really funny coz i remember those days (and as much as i ADORE my boys, i do NOT miss or long for those sleepless nights...ever...) she'll get into a better routine soon enough. Try to catch your zzz's when she's sleeping in the day time too! or try to wake her up more in the morning but she might be too young for that...

selle said...

oh she's sooo cute!!! can't wait to see what color are eyes really are!'s soo like them to not wanna sleep when we wanna sleep! :) hehe.

Frances Tibayan said...

she keeps you up on purpose :) It's hard...I remember crying because it was hard breastfeeding elijah in the beginning, but as we all know, God is good and he knows what is best, but many times that doesn't hit our heart. I know, I know, I gotta & want to go see Sabrina, we shall, Lord willing this week. This pregnancy has been interesting and tough :( I've been nonproductive for the past 2 1/2 months! so i know how you feel. Enjoy the time she lays with you in bed b/c that will soon go away when all she wants to do is walk around and not be hugged.

The Zaportezas said...

ditto on what frances said...enjoy the time you can cuddle her all day long! and im definitely praying for you. don't guys will get through it. just keep your faith!

Beth said...

Geneyem, i wish i can bring back those times when i can hug and kiss my babies and STAY UP with them. Don't worry, it can only get better from this point. I'll come by and visit you one of these days, i'll even bring you food!!!
tita beth

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