Monday, June 30, 2008

my heartless heart

Last week I told my husband I do not have a heart for the unbelievers. I don't think about telling them about the gospel, and I don't pray for them. He told me to think about hell and how the unbelievers will be there one day.

I got a call from my mom this morning, she told me that someone I've known my whole life passed away today. All I could say was "okay" and went on with life. I don't think she was a believer, I remember when I heard she had cancer I wanted to witness to her but it never happened. My life when on. Then I talked to my Aunt and she told me my cousin has been crying since this morning. I was very saddened that she's been crying the whole day and I didn't even shed one tear for her.

Then I thought about hell, and how she's there (probably) for almost 12 hours now. I thought about how God gave me so many years with her, so many times I could have told her about Christ, and warning me about her death...and yet nothing.

For her whole life she's going to be there and I won't have the opportunity to tell her about Christ any longer. From now on she will be separated from God's grace forever, and I literally sat back and watched it happen.

There are still more people who God has placed in my life, and there are still so many people who I haven't told Christ. Will this change me? Will I love unbelievers? Will I obey Christ and love Him?


Rubyellen said...

G... sorry for your loss. But I think i have the same problem too. It is so easy to get comfortable, especially since we stay home. I have been thinking about the same thing too...

Michael said...

Courage, Compassion, Love.

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