Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of the July weekend

It's been a long week, both my hubby and daughter were under the weather, so I had to take care of both my babies (heehee). But before they got sick God blessed us with an awesome four day weekend.

4th of July

We headed to West L.A. to spend a day with my hubby's sister and her husband. We played Wii and DS, and my little girl played with her aunt, uncle, and their cat. It was at their apartment that she stood all on her own for about a minute. Then we started to head to "the Marina" as they called it over there, but to us it was Marina Del Rey. We found a spot on the beach and watched the magic happen...FIREWORKS. I love fireworks

5th of July

We headed to Irvine to spend a day at the Spectrum. We did go shopping at Macy's but the most exciting time was when we rode the ferris was soo cool and my little girl enjoyed herself. I think she enjoyed it more than me, I hate being on top. I was also scared that she was going to cry because she had to sit on her own wearing a seat belt...but she laughed and looked around. Oh ya we finally had Pinkberry and the verdict's over-rated!!

6th of July

We headed to West Covina/Diamond Bar to spend a day with our church family. It was a very enjoyable time spending time with our brother Yek before he left again. Our little girl enjoyed her friends, Elijah, Xander, Zach, and Key. It was a fun time.

7th of July

We stayed home and got some rest from our very busy weekend. Oh I loved it very much!!!


Iris said...

to answer your question, we live in arkanasas now, my parents live on maui and my sisters now live on oahu. nina is going to love kona! we honeymooned there - matt wanted to see the volcano. you guys should go visit her!

selle said...

sabrina's getting soo big! miss you guys!

andrea said...

your family ferriswheel picture is great!

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