Tuesday, July 29, 2008

forgetting my camera...boo!

She went in for her 9th month check up and I couldn't believe I forgot the camera. I was so bummed...last time on her 6th month she was eating the paper (remember the video) but this month we couldn't even keep her on the table. All she wanted to do was walk, walk, walk (of course holding on to me or daddy). She was a little naked girl walking and talking with the nurses. It was too cute.

another moment I was bummed about not capturing was this past Sunday. I left the camera in the car while we were inside Oswalt, our last good-byes, when she stood there on the carpet without help and then she took her a step without falling. I was like aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...no camera!!! But yup she finally took her first step without us, she is still not that confident to do it on her own but one day she will, and then OOOH NO!!


selle said...

wow...she's ahead of the game. good job! maybe she'll be a chatterbox too like taylor! :)

Richelletron said...

you told me to!

Rubyellen said...

wait... does she crawl yet? milestones are always so fun!!

Richelletron said...

12PM is fine and dandy!

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