Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a lovely surprise

My little girl is 9 months today. She's a handful but I love her.

On Saturday I was able to go to the Women Discipling Women conference and truly encouraged me and rebuked me. I learned so much within the 8 hours I was there. I learned about how to use my tongue, how to be gospel-centered, and modesty. I also learned about how to be a godly parent, which excited my heart. God has entrusted me with a little girl, and I need to be a good steward with what God has given me. I need to be more gospel minded and tell her about Christ and her sins...even when she's 9 months. I was so encouraged to see other moms have that desire. I was able to share that day with fellow sisters in Christ from my church which was a treat. But this blog is not about the conference...I'll write up what I have learned on my xanga.

But this post is about what happened when I got home. My dear husband, oh I love him so, surpised me with a lovely date without our little girl. I emphasize the without because going out without her is very very rare. Our dear friend Bianca and her mom stopped by so they can watch her while we were off to our date. He didn't want to tell me where we were going...but I figured it out while he was driving.

He took me to STEAMERS!!! woohoo!! This is a Jazz cafe in fullerton and it was oh so nice just being to spend time with him and listen to some latin jazz. I loved it oh so much even though I was super tired from the conference. Oh ya I forgot he even bought me some flowers. He is oh so good to me and my husband is good to me as well.

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