Monday, August 25, 2008

Reflection time

I think my notes are in the car so I guess I have to go by memory...

This past Sunday the Lord was, and always is, gracious to His children who do not deserve anything but condemnation but because of Christ we do not get that!!!

Worship in Song -- I was very encouraged to see the ABC group up there (Andrew, Alex, Brian, Bhianne, Bianca, and Chloe...I'm not sure if Ryan was there or not). The songs that they played helped me focus my attention on Christ and prepare myself for the message. I was reminded of the great salvation we have in Christ and what He had to go through. It was very convicted because I know I take it forgranted many times.
-- I was also encouraged by the choir, their faithfulness to the church and to the Lord. As they practice Sunday after Sunday and also on Saturday just to minister to the church is awesome. I was also blessed to see Amber up there. Praise God for how He uses people in different ministries

Worship in Preaching -- God once again used P.Eddy to convict my soul and to remind me who He is. I remember Jonathan's (Andrew's brother) blessing at the beach trip..."I praise God for being God" and P.Eddy's message reiterated that statement. Some points that he talked about but not complete because I do not have my notes:
* God does things for His pleasure...what an awesome reminder and comfort for us all. We can truly trust God because He is God and we know if He does something for His pleasure then it's good for us.
* God's faithfulness is not contingent on our faithfulness...that's so reassuring because I know that I'm not always faithful and yet He remains faithful. This just reminds me how awesome and great He is!!!
**Application for myself: I should never forget or take for granted who the Lord is. I should also never take for granted my salvation through Jesus Christ. I am nothing special compared to other people but God still chose me to be His child. I should also not keep it to myself and tell others about Jesus and through my obedience other elect children will be identified. Oh I pray that I am faithful to His command to go out and tell others about Him.

Worship in fellowship -- I enjoy Sundays because this is usually the only time the Barrett family is able to hang out. I enjoyed my conversation with Amber and seeing how the Lord is refining her and using her for His ministry at Cal Poly. I also enjoyed hanging out with "the Lamb" and Derek at the Hernandez's House. I even got to straighten "the Lamb's" hair which resulted in him looking like a Korean soap opera was awesome!!!!

Worship in my family -- for some reason this Sunday God reminded me how much I love my family. My little girl is taking lots of steps on her own now, she's crazy like that!! My husband is so patient and kind to me even when I am not. These two people are the best and I love them so much.

Well that's it for now, until next week...

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