Monday, August 18, 2008

Thoughts on the Sunday preaching

I need to reflect more about Sunday worship so that when I go to church it is not in vain. So I wanted to use this blog to help me stay accountable with this discipline. Please blog readers...keep me accountable on writing out my reflects on Sunday worship. I want to reflect no later than Monday here it goes.

  • New building -- I'm encouraged to see the faithfulness of CFBC members as they attend Sunday worship in Covina. Being at Oswalt, I knew there were many members who lived close by and it was very very convenient for them to be there...but now that we are in Covina and it's more of a distance I wondered if people would start disappearing. But God showed me and I was so encouraged to see the church filled up and people wanting to be there no out of convenience but out of their love for God and their commitment to their local church. Thank you Father for showing me my lack of faith in you and in the people's love for the church.
  • Worship in Song -- I loved the songs that we sang in the beginning and they hymns that was chosen. I was able to focus on who God is and His majesty. I was also blessed to see Jackie D up there again singing for the Lord. I'm so encourage to see how the Lord is growing her and also how He is using so many of the men who grew up in CFBC for this ministry. Praise God.
  • Worship in Preaching -- God used Pastor Ed to convict me of my lack of fruitfulness. I was also reminded that we shouldn't base our salvation on a "long time ago prayer of repentance" but we should judge and examine our lives to see if our lives display a disciple of Christ. Many times we do not examine our lives to see if we are in the faith because we go to church, we know the facts of Christianity, we got baptized, and we did a prayer. But Scripture tells us we need to examine our lives, see if we are bearing good fruits or bad fruits. I need to be more aware of that and continue to check myself before I deceive myself. I also need to confront those who are not bearing good fruits and help them examine their lives to see if they are in the faith. God brought to mind a friend of mine who is living in sin, doing whatever he/she wants, and still professes to be a believer. When I talk to this person he/she always says "I know, I know I'm just figuring things out." But to be honest I think that's just an excuse to make a practice of sin...and I need to confront that even if that means my friendship with that person may go sour. I need to love God more than man and I truly hate when people profess faith and yet make a practice of sin...which give a bad testimony.
  • Worship in fellowship -- I was blessed to have different kinds of conversation with people and not the normal people I talk to. Although it was difficult to talk to people with my little girl wanting to run around, I'm glad there were other people who wanted to take care of her so I could talk to people. I was blessed to talk to Jair briefly since I don't see that guy. I'm also blessed to hang out with the Hernandez family at their house. It was nice to see a family who loves God, also who loves my little girl. She truly loves that family!!

Praise God for Sunday Worship and how He has given me a church that honors Him.

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Michael said...

When friendships go sour, it hurts. Sometimes they come back stronger, sometimes they don't come back at all. It's a risk one takes to further the kingdom.

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