Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Antelope Valley Fair

where in the world is Antelope Valley, you might ask? Well it's far far away...but that's where my hubby's family met up this past weekend, and where he grew up! It was a very fun weekend, although the heat was nasty I did enjoy the company of his family. God was tremendously gracious with us on Saturday by giving us a very nice weather, not really hot and very windy. According to my hubby...that's a normal thing (the windy part).

With uncle Adam
With Auntie Naomi
With Aunt Jeni
she loves her uncle...
reunited and it feels so good
oldest to youngest (yes he has a lot of siblings)
Ian finally with us
everyone (excluding Nathan & Gabriel)
she likes her new stroller (thanks Martinez family)

she tried to pinch the little birdie


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Dr. BreadClock said...

i really like her 2nd to last picture. it's my ultimate favorite!

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