Monday, September 29, 2008

into her 12th month

I can't believe she's going to be 1 year old soon. Wow that was super fast. It's crazy how she's so different now. Not only does she walk all crazy now but she enjoys Sesame Street, Curious George, and Barney. She'll just sit still and watch. I'm actually learning the songs from Barney..haha. But she is also learning the word "no" and she hates it. And she knows my tone of voice...when I say "Sabrina Hannah" with a certain tone she turns to me and then I say "don't touch that..." and then she walks away. Praise God. But then there are moments when she doesn't listen and I see her sinful heart. I tell her that I need to discipline her to drive away the foolishness from her heart. I want to point her to Christ when she disobeys and sins. I want her to understand that she needs a Savior. I know I need to be more consistent with telling her about Jesus...even though she cannot communicate with me, that doesn't mean that she doesn't understand. Hopefully I continue to trust in God through the hard times of disciplining her.


Frances Tibayan said...

G, the earlier you start the better. She understands boundaries now, of course at her age the "sit down time" will be shorter but the concept is the same. It also allows you to show her your loving authority and to discipline if you have to, believe me this exercise is not just to get them use to sitting down but touches more on biblical parenting and how to rear your children. The ladies at CHBC were doing this to their kids at a very early age.

Sabrina is cute with her BIG checks!

Rubyellen said...

i agree with frances. i am not as consistent with sit down time, but i can tell brave understands. she fights it and cries a lot, but i see the importance. disciplining is so hard, but it is necessary. sometimes i feel so bad... then i catch myself doing it out of anger. then it reminds me how much discipline i need! we are such sinners! hopefully we can teach our children the grace and goodness of God by his redeeming love for us.

selle said...

such a big girl now! when you free this week?

Michael said...

Why does she always cry when I'm playing with her?

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