Thursday, October 23, 2008

A birthday treat

The sun was shining and both looked at each other as we woke up. We rubbed our eyes, stretched, and then I sang to her her birthday song. Of course she didn't sing along but she did make some loud noises. Today was the day my little baby girl turned 1 and we had a oh so super treat for her.

We headed to Dada's work to meet all his co-workers and pick him up. Treat #1, dada only had half day and he took Thursday off. She loves her dada. We then headed to a little mexican restaurant to eat some good food, but before we get there she wanted to eat something healthy. Treat #2, we allowed her to eat some french fries...she loves those fries.

By this time she was oh so tired and ended up falling asleep before she saw her Treat #3, The Aquarium at Long Beach. She was asleep when we got there so dada and I walked around and enjoyed the "alone time." She finally woke up and enjoyed her treat. Treat #4, we allowed her to walk wherever she wanted to, there were moments when we were like "where is Sabrina." Don't worry we didn't lose her. She talked to the sea lions, the little fishes, the birds, and of course the people.

We headed home and I baked her an apple cinnamon cupcake for her celebration. Treat #5, she was allowed to eat her cupcake!!

Praise God for sustaining her life for 37 weeks in my belly and 12 months afterwards. God has been so gracious with us, undeserving and unfaithful people. I see how much He has grown me and dada as being parents.

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