Sunday, November 2, 2008

Celebration...come on!

I know I promised to blog about my daughter's first birthday party but that could wait. I must talk about all the celebrations that I experienced.

Celebration #1 -- I woke up this morning with my lovely husband and daughter outside enjoying the morning. As I walked outside my husband points to the door and says "guess what came?" I was so excited to see her birthday present from everyone who gave us a monetary gift.

she loves her new car seat

We then headed to another lovely celebration. Totally didn't get to take a picture of the birthday boy but he looked very excited opening his presents. After having a lovely afternoon celebrating Mateo's birthday we headed home to relax and watch Toy Story 2 (well so we thought).

Uncle Sam this picture is for you.

We were wonderfully surprised by our dear friends Michael and Brianna when they knocked on our door. And from there we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner leading to our celebration # 3. After dinner we headed to one of the stores that I have always wanted to get something from...BUILD A BEAR.

celebration #3 -- Ninong Michael buying Sabrina her birthday present.

what bear will she pick? We wanted her to choose since it was for her and knowing my daughter it didn't take long for her to make a decision.

she didn't want a bear...but a bunny!!

Celebration #4 -- the birth of her bunny. After stuffing him with cotton and a heart. We registered her bunny to their data base, gave him a name and picked out his outfit.

Introducing "Handsome Pau"

Ninong Michael named him, Dada picked his outfit, and she loves him

Celebration #5 -- the Build a Bear crew found out it was her and Brianna's birthday (well it was on the 3rd and 22nd of last month at least) so they announced it to the whole store and they sang to them. It was exciting!

Our two new friends: Handsome Pau and Batgirl (Brianna's bear)

Then we headed to the Disney store to be silly. Love it very much. She enjoyed looking, wearing, and touching everything.

Celebration #6 -- this celebration is the reason why I must blog about today...I MET HOWIE MANDEL


5 comments: means girl said...

Sabrina is so cute! Is that the zip up I got her? fits and she looks so cute in it! glad you had so many surprises...I still want to see pics from her bday.

selle said...

oh i like her new bunny friend!

The Hows said...

why "handsome pau?" do you know that "pau" means "finished" in hawaiian? does it mean something else in another language? maybe i'm clueless. how did you meet howie?

Michael said...

Handsome Pau is for Pau Gasol, cause he's so handsome. and Geneyem, you have such a big goon smile with Howie. Yes I'm on a first name basis with howie mandel

krissamartinez said...

i love that last picture of her and all the stuffed toys!!!

and you met howie?!!?? AWESOME!

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