Monday, November 17, 2008

it's finally here

the post regarding her 1st birthday party. I can't believe she's one already. I've learned so much those past 12 months. I had to learn how to be patient, selfish, loving, and sacrificial. I have a better understanding now as a parent when Scripture calls God our Father. Although I am not a "father" I am a mother. I have a better understanding of loving someone no matter what they do and no matter how much you want to run away from that person. She has pushed many of my buttons, I find myself angry at times, frustrated many times, and tired all the time. But no matter what she will do or not do, I love her and nothing can change that. Oh how I love her.


M.O.M. said...

xander saw sabrina's pic and yelled her name! i showed him the other pics and he enjoyed them.

Iris said...

yay! love this post! the kids look sooo cute in their costumes! means girl said...

yay! finally! sabri is so cute!!! aaaahhhhhh...I can't wait to see her again. oh..and Soey's hair is SO long!!! man...has it been that long?

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