Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Christmas

Last year our little one was only two months old and just lying around. But after a year of growing she is not "just" lying around. She's screaming, running, getting into everything, and getting herself into trouble. I love it. I love seeing her grow, I love how she is my little curious George and how she tries to figure things out on her own. I sometimes forget that she's only 14 months old but I also praise God that she's only 14 months old. We call her our "Big" baby and our love for her continues to grow...even when she whines and she is a pain.

This year my husband and I decided not to get each other anything for Christmas because we realized that throughout the year we get things that we usually want. At first I was bummed but then realized that Christmas should not be about presents anyways and getting things. I really want to teach my little ones the true meaning of Christmas and help them not just associate Christmas with presents like the world.

The morning started off with listening to the rain, her opening up some presents, and me making some banana pancakes and french toast.

Then off to see some my family and enjoy their company. The day was very eventful and of course full of food. But we all enjoyed it very much!!

Oh when it's cold outside, you need to remember to wear your scarf - my little one never forgets!


Michael said...

So my vision of her being potty trained by two may come true?

selle said...

she's sooo cute. love her leggings and scarf. let's hang out soon!

Iris said...

welcome back to the blogging world! i'm taking it you all feel better now. sabrina's first present was funny - how would we feel if we opened up our present and got a comode? i guess she's a "big" girl now! happy Christmas you guys!

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