Thursday, March 12, 2009

happiest kid ever

okay i haven't been blogging for a while because i've been very tired looking out for crazy little one and her sister has been making me tired as well. But even when I'm tired I try to enjoy the day and of course having only one child for now.

This was during Lester's actual birthday. She enjoyed herself so much riding along with Chuck E Cheese. She wanted to play other games but she's too little.

My dear husband allowed me to buy an annual pass to the happiest place on earth...well at least right now since she's we've been spending random days there and enjoying the rides and the people. She's getting really use to posing for the camera which is a bit scary but I don't mind it...she's super cute!!


Iris said...

aw, no fair! matt and i had passes when we lived there - and i think we would've kept our passes when kekoa was born so we could take him there just like the way you're taking sabrina! man, i miss disneyland so much! and california in general! but i'm happy that you and sabrina are happy! means girl said...

she's so cute! and..who taught her how to pose like that??

Eleazar & Heather said...

Hey I have a pass too! maybe we can find a time we can go?

Lauren Manalili said...

Heylo Lady... I'm off on Sunday and Monday. I am working this monday though because we have a wedding on Saturday... Wanna plan a date for March 30th? Let me know... we can get a lot of people together :)

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