Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Second Day

It's the second day now that little baby girl is home. It's still a little strange that I have two little girls but I'm not complaining. God totally blessed us with two awesome girls. Little baby girl is very different from our little one. First of all she is seriously more calm, she likes to chill and look around. She is soooo alert and loves looking around. She hardly cries but when she does...it's the cutest cry ever. The one thing that the two girls have in common is...they both are my hungry hungry hippos. Baby girl loves to eat but she also likes to take her time when she eats (I think she gets that from your daddy). Little one, when she would eat, would eat super fast (like mommy).

Little girl loves her already. She always wants to be near her. She gets all sad when she cries. Today when they both were taking a nap she reached out to baby girl and was holding her hands. Of course I didn't get a picture of it. But I'm so glad that little one is so caring and loving towards her little sister. She at times act up wanting her mommy but for the most part she's really good. She usually lets me feed her, take care of her, and when she wants something I just tell her that I'm doing something for baby girl and she's okay waiting. Oh praise God indeed for allowing our little girl to be a really good big sister!!!


krissamartinez said...

that's really awesome that sabrina is a good big sister!

Lauren Manalili said...

Yay!!! You have 2 of them! two little cuties! Congratulations. I've been wanting to call you buy I lost my phone. I think i'm gonna get it tomorrow so i'll bug you tomorrow. haha

The Hows said...

congratulations! that is so awesome that sabrina is a good big sister.

andrea said...

congrats you guys! when can we come over to visit?

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