Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lunch and a Movie

Today the little one and I had a lovely date in Downtown Brea. We watched "The Tale of Despereaux" for FREE and then had a great lunch at Flame Broiler. I was a bit hesitant taking her to watch a movie at a movie theater since it would have been her first time but she was great! Praise God. For the first thirty minutes she sat in her seat and watched the movie, then she started to get antsy and move around but she didn't get too crazy that bothered people. After I gave her some cookies she sat back down and finished the movie...it was a great date.

Then we were hungry and went to Flame Broiler and she actually sat down and ate her food with me. Oh it was awesome because she usually runs away from me and being pregnant she usually gets away. But she sat next to me and ate her food...Praise God for that as well. It was an awesome time being alone with little girl. 13 more days and we won't be alone any longer so it was a nice alone time with my little girl.

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Jacquie said...

What a great blessing that is to have her all-most growed up! Dates are fun. Thank God for dates.

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