Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hands on your hips...

now walk on your tippy toes! Oh my little girl loves her tiny tot gymnastic class. I've been wanting her to attend a class ever since she was born and finally after 2.6 years of her life has passed she is finally in a class. Someone told me that this class will encourage her to jump and climb more than she does now, I'm not worried about her she loves to climb and jump so mind as well try to do it while learning how to balance as well - right!?!

after every class they get a stamp on their hands.

her little sister loves to watch her big sister

she likes to go on the big balance beam

she loves the little beam
this is also a great time for her daddy to spend time with her


selle said...

yay! was this walnut or db? tay did the db one before.

Gen said...

this is the walnut's closer to us.

Jacquie said...

Oh, cuteness!! I wanna swing by sometime soon...I'll call you!

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