Thursday, October 21, 2010

tomorrow my little girl turns 3!!

here she is when she was 2 months:
as a 1 year old:

as a 2 year old:

as a 3 year old!!!
I can't believe she's three. She knows the alphabet, she can count to 20, she loves to sing songs, she loves to dance, she talks very well and a lot, she picks her own clothes and dresses herself, she takes care of her little sister, she helps me cook and bake, she's a great little helper, she likes to wear nail polish and lip gloss, she'll show you her magic trick if you ask, and she knows about 5 or 6 bible verses. She's a very sweet, crazy, smart little girl and I can't believe she's only 3! We are so happy to have her and she's truly a blessing even when she's disobedient.

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Michael said...

she also likes to be left alone!

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