Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 has been a year full of ups and downs. 2010 consisted of many changes in our lives. So let's try to recap all the blessings (good and bad times) that the Lord gave us because no matter what we went through, we know that God is good and always faithful and worthy of our praise!!!

* Jan -- I turned 31 years old (ya I'm telling you my age because I don't care). And my little baby turned 6 months. Our little girl was able to play with her more.

* Feb -- We moved into our very own condo, this place as been such a blessing in our lives. Our little baby girl started crawling.

* Mar -- My hubby turned 27, yes he's a young one. My little girl started her potty training and helping mommy with baking.

* April -- Hubby and I started going out on dates again since little baby girl was big now. My little girl got her ears pierced and she started taking gymnastics, because of this class she was able to have better balance.

* May -- Little baby girl started to walk. Hubby got into an accident (not his fault) but his red lancer was totaled. Little girl is finished with her training, she is potty proficient.

* June -- We bought our Rav4 and an Altima for hubby.

* July -- Baby girl turned 1. Sold our Mazda and started going to Huntington Library for our family day.

* Aug -- Went through a lot of trials, especially dealing with being a mom and taking care of my two girls.

* Sept -- went to Vegas twice, once with my whole family and the other time with just me and hubby (our first time away from our girls).

* Oct -- Our little girl turned 3!!! Started to get to know Louie and Alexa.

* Nov -- Our church started meeting in the new building. Cooked our very first Turkey, and hosted for the first time Thanksgiving.

* Dec -- Got our Christmas tree and decorated our house. Hosted two Christmas parties with both side of the family. Hubby got into another car accident (not his fault again) but car is totaled.

Of course there were more events that happened, more blessings, and more trials. But through it all, we can still say Blessed be the Lord!!

Have a lovely New Year from the Barrett Family!!
From Christmas 2010

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