Monday, August 22, 2011


In two days my little girl who acts like a teenager will be a preschooler. Will I cry? Will I be sad? Honestly I don't think so but it's just strange to thing I'm a mom of a school kid. This changes everything even though it is only going to be 3.5 hours everyday. But I'm excited because she's excited. Wow God has definitely grown me as a mom. Almost 4 years ago I was not ready to be a mom, I didn't know how to change a diaper, didn't know how to hold a baby, and certainly didn't know how to raise a kid. But now I look at her and she's a big girl, a big sinful girl who loves to disobey her mommy, daddy, and God. My job as a mom goes beyond getting her ready for school, making sure she knows her ABCs and 123s. My job as a mom is to point her to Christ and show her His grace and He has done on the cross. That job, in my book, is way hard...and that's why I need Christ desperately. I need Him every moment of my day, I need His grace as much as she (both my girls) need His grace. It's a tough job and God has put it on the parents to do their job...yes I want her to do well in school, make friends, make right decisions, and be a good person...but ultimately I know those are all vain compared to eternity and the judgement of Jesus on her as a sinner. We both need His grace and I'm so grateful that He gladly gives it to us!

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