Monday, December 3, 2012

December is here...

Growing up we never really decorated the inside of our home.  We had a Christmas tree that smelled oh so lovely and my dad always had his fancy lights outside...but that was it.  Now that I am a mom and I have my own home I wanted my own kids to have the full December feeling...that Christmas feel...and I know they always enjoy it when we take out our Christmas box from the garage.  I actually do not know who enjoys it more, me decorated or the girls seeing the house decorated.  But either way we have our annual festive home for a month and I'm pretty sure each year will just get better.

Our homemade Advent Countdown...for some reason it changes every year.

Last year we decided for a small tree...didn't enjoy it too much so back to our big tree.

homemade stockings from last year

Girls' creation from their Mommy and Me class

Homemade clay ornaments 

I'm so blessed to have girls who enjoy doing a little arts and crafts with their mommy.  I'm blessed to have a home we can decorate...and most importantly I'm blessed we can celebrate Christmas and truly understand why we celebrate.

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