Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 5, our last night in Italy

Today we were determined to see a lot of places. The sun was shining again which was a huge blessing and the girls slept fairly well. Our first stop was The Vatican Museum. 

(The dome is St. Peter's Church)

Inside the museum they had a lot of great art. Here are aomw that caught my eye. 

(Reminded me of the weeping angels from Dr. Who)
(Sphere within a sphere)

(View of Rome)

(The roof of the Sistine Chapel). That chapel was breathe taking and oh so beautiful!! 

Outside of the Vatican looking at the church of Saint Peter. 

After the Vatican we decided to get gelato!!!

Then we headed to the Spanish steps...

We wanted to walk to the Pantheon and we found a lot of cool things on the way. 

Finally reached our final destination. The Pantheon. 

And of course we ended the day with more Gelato!! 

Our stay in Italy was very pleasant. I don't like their public restrooms in Rome and some ppl can be rude bc you don't understand them but all in all Italy was AMAZING!!  

Well hopefully if we come back to Italy we can visit Verona!! Ciao. 

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