Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jehovah Jireh

Ever since we got married I've been able to see God's faithfulness in how much He provides for our family. And you would think that He would get tired of providing for a very sinful family...but praise God He doesn't!

God provided us with so many cute cute baby girl clothes from my boss's family. They are so adorable and I can totally see Sabrina wearing them. As you can tell she's going to be such a girlie girl with dresses and pink. Daddy is happy about that, I wanted more pastel colors. But no matter what type of clothes we got...we were both happy and thanking God for them.

We don't buy much for Sabrina yet but while we were shopping at Nordstrom Rack for Jacob's gift we stumbled upon two future friends of Sabrina. We had to take them home and so we did. And now they wait for her arrival. I haven't given them names yet but hopefully soon they will have one (any suggestions).

Lastly, I was able to buy some videos for Sabrina (okay I will admit they are for me to). I can't wait to watch them with her and hopefully teach her how to sign like her friend Elijah.

So slowly we are preparing for her arrival. I still need to fix her bookcase since mommy and daddy has one. I still need to paint her pictures for her future room. But as those projects wait, she kicks and moves around my belly wanting to come home...so until that day we will enjoy playing with her clothes without her. heehee

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