Monday, August 27, 2007

Our little outting

This weekend our family took full advantage of having no plans with our friends or relatives. It was so nice to be able to sleep in, enjoy each other's company without rushing to work or a friend's event. To top it off, God blessed us with very nice weather...and when we finally decided to get ready we headed off to our a fun filled day!
Yup we headed off to Universal Studios and what was more amazing all we had to pay for was parking! It was such a beautiful day, we got there around lunch time so we decided to eat our lunch before we entered the park (yup we brought lunch to save money). After eating our healthy food we headed off to our little adventure. Since I am pregnant we knew that our visit would be limited but I was happy that I got to spend the day with my loving husband.

It was so fun being able to share this day with him, this was our first amusement park as a married couple so it will go down in history! After riding the Studio Tour (the only ride I could ride) Caleb decided to go on the Mummy while I got to spend time resting my feet. It wasn't long until he came back, since he was a solo rider, when we headed off to the carnival games. Yes I love those carnival games even though they eat up your money and majority of the time you do not win. We decided to play the water shooting game and low and behold...Caleb won me a cute little teddy bear, Mr. Bear.

Isn't he adorable...I'm talking about Caleb! (heehee). We ended up watching a couple of shows, Fear Factor Live, Water World and after a full day at the park we decided to leave, just the three of us

We both were hungry at this time and Caleb decided to head towards Glendale for dinner and dessert!! I was more excited about the dessert because of course if you are in Glendale you must stop by this one awesome and great bakery.

That's right, we ended up at Porto's Bakery to buy some tasty desserts. I was soo excited to eat all of them and as some of you may know, I'm a sucker for good desserts. Actually I'm sucker for any kind of desserts. We waited patiently for our number to be called, we decided which dessert we wanted and we lefts satisfied. Although I couldn't eat any of what we bought until after dinner, just the thought of eating them got me excited.

After having a good mexican dinner (I was soo craving for Chile Relleno) we headed home where we both could enjoy our desserts! Okay we didn't eat everything, but we got to save some for other days...woo hoo! It was truly a very enjoyable outting with my family. Although Sabrina couldn't enjoy the day with us, we constantly talked to her at the park and I know she enjoyed the yummy desserts afterwards! Until our next outting!! Adios


rubyellen said...

yeah barrett blog!!! even more...yeah desserts!!! haha...

The Zaportezas said...

Can I tell you again how much I LOVE Portos! It's the best!

Joyce said...

oh man i miss portos!!! we don't have anything even remotely close...

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