Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tickle bug

Daughter and Daddy

During the day she’s fairly quiet, she doesn’t move too much and rarely kicks. I think she’s sleeping but not too sure if that’s accurate. Then I get home and she moves more. I always wonder if it’s because she hears her daddy’s voice and she gets excited to hear him. She likes to move for her daddy, it’s funny when she kicks hard and then he pushes back; they go back and forth with “kicking” each other. After a while she stops moving but then it’s bed time and that’s when she likes to party. She moves so much that there are times I get tickled. In the beginning of the pregnancy I would get annoyed and frustrated because all I want to do is sleep, but now that she’s almost home I enjoy those moments when my belly tickles. She moves, she kicks, and pushes against the edges. It a bit funny though, when I start to rub my tummy she’ll move a little less but still moves around. Then when I’m on my left side she goes crazy and all I want to do is laugh out loud but her dad is sleeping. I started to think about how these moments will not be forgotten but will not last long. I should enjoy them instead of be annoyed by them. I remember when I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would need to go to the bathroom. I would fight so hard to hold my bladder because I want to sleep. Then it hit me one night, holding my bladder is not good for her and I need to start sacrificing my needs and wants for hers. If I continue this pattern of putting my needs before hers then when she comes home it will be harder to be sacrificial for her. So I’m learning now to give up things I want and desire for her needs. God is growing me through this and I’m enjoying it so much. I guess I will see how the Lord has prepared me for motherhood. In a couple of weeks I should be on maternity leave which is exciting! I’ll get to stay home and prepare for her home coming and then next thing I know…she’s home and I’m holding her and her dad gets to hold her. Until that day… I must be diligent in preparing my attitudes and desires for her.

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