Friday, August 31, 2007

Date Night with friends

Thursday nights we try to go out on a date, as of right now it is easy but we know once Sabrina comes home it will be difficult (baby sitters anyone?) Last night we were able to go to Speed Zone and enjoy a night of racing, laughs, and eating. Of course since an expected mother I couldn't join in with the racing so by default I became the historian!

That was only the beginning. After stepping into the Nascar world they wanted to try drag racing...guess who won?

This is their first race, of course they were all warming up and getting the feel of the car. It was a big loud and I could feel Sabrina moving around so hopefully she enjoyed her daddy getting his race on.

They had a total of three races. Each time I could see their determination to beat the leader, Jireh. Check out the video!

The night was still early so they decided to go on another race. Oh the Nascar Wannabes, they couldn't wait to get on their little go carts and race around the track.

Caleb zooming away...

PJ zooming off...

Here comes Frances!!

Although they were all competing against each other, at the end of the day...they were all friends again!

of course this lovely date night would never have happened without our very own
"Special Event Manager"

Thanks Jigger =)


Joyce said...

aww you look so cute pregnant...your tummy is soo big now...i'm so disappointed i've missed your entire pregnancy! see i told you that you should move to florida! ehhe

caleb i hope you are reading this ;)

selle said...

oh man. you do look sooo preggy now! haha. cute! we should go on a double date night too! hehe.

small group thoughts... said...

Yay we had fun, but i was sad that you were the purse holder and couldn't step on the gas with was scary though :)

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