Friday, September 28, 2007

Decisions, decisions, decisions

When my lovely hubby got his new job God gave me an opportunity to stay home with Sabrina. I was ready to submit to any decision that Caleb might have, stay home or work. And his decision was, as the head of the household, for me to decide whether I want to stay home full time or work part time. He told me that being full time was out of the picture, which I knew, but now the question I want to go back to work?

I've been praying about this even before he got the job. I remembered learning in bible study the benefits of staying at home with your child, I would hear testimonials from mommies who have stayed home, and I also have talked to those who have gone back to work. I know whichever way I decide it would not be sin, it would be more of a preference issue. Of course I had to examine my own heart to see if there were any kinds of sinful issues that may be leading me one way than the other...but I knew ultimately I wanted to do what honored God the most.

I enjoy working, I've been working since I was 18 years old and I have never found it dull but exciting and enjoyable. Praise God for that, no matter what job He has given me...I've always enjoyed it and the people. I have even been able to share the gospel to some of my co-workers through those jobs. And now here's a milestone of my life...should I stop working! Something that I enjoy, something I know, something that I'm comfortable with. I knew that my decision shouldn't be based on people, like pleasing my mom or my boss...but I wanted to please God and truly care for my family.

After praying about it, I finally made a decision. Of course this course of action is contingent on whether my boss approves it or not...but I've talked to him about it and he knows what my desires are as a mother.

My decision is to work 1 day a week, and stay home 4 days a week. Caleb works 4 days a week and 1 day when he doesn't have work that will be his daddy day with Sabrina and I get to go back to work. And what is so neat about this decision, the money that I would be getting from the one day would go straight to the the added provision is always a blessing. Hopefully my boss is okay with this and if he is not, that's fine to...he knows I wouldn't come back to work so I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.


rubyellen said...

I will pray for that...that sounds so sweet if you could do that...Yeah, Sabrina will have her mommy!!!

selle said... i've told you before...yay, i'm glad you'll get to stay home!!!

although work is what you have always known...God loves to take us out of our comfort zone! i know you'll do just fine as a mommy. yes it IS something new...but guess what? we all managed and are still learning from it.

continually praying for you! means girl said...

I'm glad you get to stay home..and NO...sorry, you can't hve the other luggage. That set is MUCH better and I may just need all of it...soon...

Joyce said...

i've stayed home with my boys since the last part of my pregnancy with ethan. so i've been home for 10yrs now! hehe i wouldn't trade it for anything. A lot of sacrifices, but time flies too fast and I don't want to miss any of it. Did you hear back from your boss yet?

rubyellen said...

I read your comment to the tibayans...I WANT DESSERT!!! haha...don't tell ben.

small group thoughts... said...

we will be back Monday but you three can visit before that, or you can, if you are available. I feel bad b/c this vacation has just been about me resting and feeling sick...poor Elijah and Peej : ( Yeah sure, please bring desert, how fun!!! Awh so sorry about not going to SD with you'all but I don't like traveling right now...I wish I can transport myself around town, or is it teletransport, whatever, like those people on StarTrek...k, bye miss you too and love ya!

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