Friday, September 21, 2007

A relaxing day at home

I got off early yesterday which was truly a blessing because I was a bit tired from not sleeping the night before. My belly is getting heavier and it's much harder for me to sleep well. But I still praise God that I am still able to function well despite my lack of rest.

I got home around 4pm and so I decided to make a good use of our old bananas by making banana bread. I was excited but also worried because the mixture did not seem like it was coming out right and I wanted to make sure it was nice and toasty when my dear husband came home. Since I didn't know if I made the mixture right I knew I couldn't do anything about it so I popped it into the oven and hoped for the best. I was contemplating whether I should do laundry or rest and get off my feet...resting always wins, so I turned on the TV to watch some news before starting to make dinner. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to make dinner before he got home, but also to not start it too early resulting in the food getting cold and sitting out for a while. I tried to time it as best as I could but he got home earlier than I expected. I was almost done so it wasn't too bad that he got home earlier than I thought.

After dinner we decided to go to one of my favorite stores -- "Michaels!!" I was so excited because I've been wanting to go for days now but never had time to. But today we finally went and I had my shopping list all ready. I wanted to stick to my list so I wouldn't take up too much time (he had to get back to study) but when I saw him looking at frames, I was like...oooh I can look around too for a bit. I got to buy a canvas, 5 spools of ribbons, and two acrylic paints...I was super happy. The funny thing was, he spent more money than I did and he wasn't even planning on buying anything.

We got back and I promised him I wouldn't bother him so he could study for tonight (he's teaching the youth at Bible Study) and so I decided to make a pillow case for my car pillow. Yes I have a car pillow, it's really small but the case was all messed up. I was getting all excited because I had an idea in my head...but many times that never manifest into the product but I was still satisfied. I even got to use one of my spool of ribbon that I bought earlier. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of my pillow case (I'll try to post that later).

After a fun filled relaxing day, we were both ready for bed!!!


Anonymous said...

i used to keep a full-sized pillow in my car. for my naps.

Lauren said...

yeah, we didn't want it to be true, but since we were camping, we couldn't really log in, so jp called bofa and they said someone tried using it, so it was real. But i don't think it has happened since so...just pray that it doesn't happen again..

Spoken For said...

Why Oatie again? I forgot.

selle said...

oh fun! so how did the banana bread turn out?! i usually add a little bit more sugar than called for. and after time is up...i stick a toothpick in it to make sure it comes out dry-then you know it's done! good job on the pillowcase go back and take a pic of it so u can post it. haha!!!

small group thoughts... said...

Yes, rest a lot! We will be back in LA Sunday night. Has the belly gotten extremely big?! k, see you soon :O

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