Friday, September 7, 2007

Significant moments

This week two milestone events occurred in the Barrett Family.

Wednesday, September 5th, Caleb and I attended our first Lamaze Class at the UCI Medical Center. I was so excited about it but also nervous since I have never done it before. The room was filled with so many mommies-to-be with the daddies. It was so cute, I was able to praise the Lord when I sat there listening to the intro of the class for how these little babies will not die from abortion and how maybe one or two or more will impact the kingdom. We talked about the different symptoms that were common to pregnant women at this time, around 30 weeks, and how to deal with those symptoms. It helped me so much to learn that I'm not the only one that is having those kinds of symptoms. We then watched a movie about Preterm Labor which got me sad because I didn't want Sabrina to end up in an incubator. I started to pray for her as she develops in my little belly. Then we got on the floor and did some learned and practice one breathing technique. It was relaxing and I was encouraged because we both are here learning together for Sabrina. Oh how I love my family!!

Thursday, September 6th, I got new maternity clothes from one of my co-workers (praise God for His provision) and she told me that I could keep them because she's not expecting to have any more kids (she has three already). She was a little bigger than me, and a bit taller so when I tried on the pants they were a bit long. I usually try to fix up any holes with my needle and some thread but for the first time in history...I got to use my sewing machine to hem my pants. It was a bit frustrating because I had to figure out how to put on the thread to the needle, but eventually I got it and praise God I was able to hem my pants with the machine. Ah I'm excited now because it was so much fun and I can't wait to continue to use my new toy!


selle said...

oooo although i didn't take it. yay, now u can make sabrina some new things to wear too!!!

Joyce said...

see you're turning girly too!!! it comes with age my dear...hehehe gawsh my neighbor's house finally sold! i'm so sad i won't have you guys as my neighbor hehe

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