Monday, September 10, 2007

Sabrina's first Opera

This Saturday the Lord blessed us by allowing us to watch "Fidelio" (Beethoven's only written Opera). It was a last minute decision, we bought the tickets that morning, but it was such a blessing. I remember the first time I watched an Opera, it was with my then boyfriend, and I admit I thought I would be bored to death but God surprised me, I enjoyed it. Yes they sing in a different language and you need to read subtitles but it is so beautiful how their voices surrounds the auditorium. The LA Opera is a beautiful building, outside the building there are fountains (sadly there was a private party that covered the fountains), and inside there are chandlers. Everything about the LA Opera is so breath-taking and I can definitely see God's great glory through the architect of the building.

On Saturday was the first time we took Sabrina to the Opera. I didn't know how she would react to the loud music, I know she enjoys classical music but the Opera is different. It was such a praise because we were able to arrive just in time, we sat down on our seats and the lights dimmed down. Once the songs started, my belly started to move. I figured that she was moving because the show started off with some classical music but she continued to move throughout the performance. She tickled me a little bit but it brought a smile to my face on how she kept moving throughout the performance. I think the only time she stopped moving was during the intermission. Oh I can't wait when we can take her when she's a little girl to an Opera and allow her to enjoy those moments with her parents.

One thing about the Opera that I truly enjoy is that a lot of the songs alludes and talks about God. There was one line in this Opera that allowed me to see God's glory and praise Him even more. One of the characters was put in jail, unjustly, for 2 years and he sang "Oh how God test us, but He never forsakes us." I was like praise the Lord for that reminder. Although life is difficult, and we may not understand why things are the way they are...God will never leave us nor forsake us because of Christ Jesus. I was able to sit there thanking the Lord for that wonderful truth and for how that promise is mine because of Christ.

Just the two of us!!

Now the three of us!!! =)


selle said...

ooo fun! sabrina is getting some culture!!! music is good for the babies!!!

rubyellen said...

Treasure these moments when it is easy just to pick up and go...Pretty soon you will have to allow an extra 30 minutes for last minute feedings, spit up, and poop...But it is all fun and full of blessings!!!

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