Tuesday, October 30, 2007

God is so gracious

It's been a trying week, from giving birth to seeing her in an incubater has been draining. But through it all I have seen His grace on our family. There are moments when Caleb and I would get annoyed with one another, then there are moments when I would get frustrated with her for crying and crying and crying. God is showing me how hard it is to be a mother, the patience one must have for a child, and also how much love there is between the child and parent. We are all home now, she's doing better. She still has jaundice but it's not a high level that she needs to be admitted so praise God for that. Breastfeeding is difficult as well, especially if you have a sleepy baby. But we are learning how to be parents, now we want to learn how to be godly parents.


krissamartinez said...

geneyem!!!! i need to come visit you guys!!

i'm glad you finally put pictures. and i'm so glad she's doing better and at home with you.

that last picture is so precious.

...lastly, i'm praying for you. love you mucho.

rubyellen said...

yay pictures!!! God is so good... put more!!!

Eleazar & Heather said...

praying for you guys! So glad that she's home now! thanks for putting up pictures! put up one of the dimple if you have time can't wait to see it. You're doing great new mommy and daddy keep it up!

Can't wait to meet her in person.

helen said...

YAYAY praise God! i;m so excited. i can't wait to see her!!! praying for you guys!

selle said...

yay! she's growing fast huh?! hehe. glad she's doing okay. she'll be fine. taylor had slight jaundice when she was born and look at her now! haha! i wanna come visit again now that you are at home!

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