Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby steps...

This past weekend Sabrina had a lot of "firsts." We are finally taking her out to see the world and people but unfortunately we always forget to bring our camera. This weekend she was a little busy body, going here and there and meeting so many people.


Friday -- Caleb doesn't have work on Friday (praise God) so he went with me to my 6 week check up and to show off Sabrina to one of our Godparents (Dr. B) while I was getting checked. After we left we all headed to the L.A. Convention Center. That's right...Sabrina's first Ski Dazzle! I was bummed that we didn't bring our camera to record her time there but it was still a nice family outing. We were able to hear the rain in our car and also walk in the rain! Of course we covered Sabrina.

Saturday -- She went to her first bowling alley along with her first bachelorette/bachelor party for Heather and Ele. It was so fun seeing their faces glow with exciting (1.5 more weeks until they are married). She slept while mommy and daddy bowled. We did bring our camera but forgot to take a picture with the lovely Then she was able to attend her first fine dinning at Las Brisas. I was a bit hesitant about bringing her but she was a sleepy and good baby. I had to feed her once but it was okay because we were able to get a private room. It was so refreshing being out with the ladies again...even though she was with me.

Sunday -- She was able to witness two brothers in Christ confess their devotion to Christ through baptism. Although we haven't been going to church, I wanted to make sure that we attended the baptism to support our brothers. She was also able to meet Pastor Ed and many many more CFBC peeps.

and lastly...

Wednesday (Monday and Tuesday was normal) -- first time being at grandma's house. I was suppose to meet up with Selle and Taylor for lunch but she started to get fussy. I guess she wanted to stay with grandma. It was nice seeing my mom take care of her and see how much she loves her. Also it was a nice time of getting a break...I should have taken advantage of this time and went off on my own somewhere. Oh well maybe next time!

So that's it for Sabrina's little adventure. Of course since she's only 7 weeks she'll have plenty to experience and more for me to record. Hopefully when those days do come, we won't forget to bring our camera.



selle said...

yes, we MUST actually have lunch this time! you should've told me you were at your mom's this whole time. i could've met you over there somewhere. maybe tomorrow?!

Joyce said...

aww i can't wait to meet her! we're not gonna be in cali this christmas...not sure when we'll be there...oh my hope she's walking by the time i get to meet her!!! heeheh send her over here and i'll babysit for you!!! we'll spoil her rotten THEN give her back to mommy and daddy.... ;)

Frances Tibayan said...

Yeah come over whenever. We don't have to actually pack ; ) just hang out! haha, but yeah if you want practice just come over here and hang out. Plus we will be leaving soon so whatever time we could get in before that, would be swell : )

rubyellen said...

yay!!! sabrina went to her first "fun" party on saturday night... tell her to never speak of the things we talked about!!!

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