Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Give thanks...

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday and I realized how much I haven't been thankful. God has been blessing me so much with things and people I do not deserve. Instead of rejoicing and giving thanks in all things, I find myself complaining and grumbling of what I don't have. Being a mother is very different; I see how much my life has changed. I complain about how different things are which causes me not to see the joy and blessings I have before me.

In the morning I wake up to a beautiful baby girl looking at me (or crying) to me for food. In the evening I wait at home for my loving husband to come home from a long day at work. During the day I get to talk to my baby, play with my baby, and influence my baby. I've been praying for grace so that I can be thankful. I remember my husband once asked me, "are you complaining about God's plan and role for you?" I never realized how much I've been complaining and grumbling against God. I never realized how much I've been sinning against Him, my husband and my daughter. I hate that...I hate the fact that I've been very selfish. But I'm glad that God has been showing me a lot of my idols.

Thanks auntie Selle for the skirt (Sweet November)


krissamartinez said...

she's so chubby now!!! her face is so round...i love it!!!

and thank you for your transparency. its encouraging and a good reminder to be thankful. and not complain about what the Lord gives us.

thank you. miss and love you.

Frances Tibayan said...

little Caleb girl : )

Frances Tibayan said...

An SLR is a camera. Well this week Elijah and I are sick so I don't want you two coming over. How you gonna come over though, you are busy with little Sabrina?

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