Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The many faces of Sabrina

She's only 7 weeks old and her personality is already coming out. She likes the camera and mommy likes taking pictures.

She's finally smiling and awake

look at her little flirtatious look

I love all the different faces she makes...

but this one is her signature look...I love it.

Oh boy...she's going to be a handful.


Frances Tibayan said...

Yay more pictures! Not that I don't like you're posts but I want more pictures. I can't anymore b/c 1. don't have a camera and 2. don't have anymore space on Wordpress, booooo. Tomorrow sounds good, just call me.

krissamartinez said...

G!!! She's getting so chubby..i want to bite her cheeks!! i love that second picture of her flirtatious look...better watch out for that one!!

i get to see her saturday!! :)

rubyellen said...

sabrina is so cute and she is getting chubby!!! yeah... i know it is the round the clock feeding... i feel ya!

Joyce said...

aww she's sooo cute! send her to florida!!!

The Zaportezas said...

my favorite is the flirtatious one!

Irene Carole said...

Aww She's Beautiful ate Gen. Well I just wanted to greet you and your lovely little family Merry Christmas and hope that it's filled with great joy.


Yek said...

Money, I was so happy I got to hold her while she was awake. She was fine until the savage beasts at the baby shower jacked her from me. She is cute!

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