Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 coming to a close...

I can't believe 2007 is almost over. I remember this year starting off with me being single and now it's ending with me being a wife and mother. Wow that's crazy. God's plans are always the best and I'm always surprised with how He has planned my life.

This Christmas I forgot how it is the Barrett's first Christmas together. We did the whole Christmas tree hunting...buying...and decorating. It was a total experience and I love each moment of it.

Then we did the whole we go to your family and then my family, then our own family thing. I liked our own family Christmas celebration. Sabrina received so many gifts, I was very overwhelmed with how many presents she received. (thank you all for

My dear husband surprised me with a little date just the two of us (thanks Heidi and Miles for babysitting) and I loved it. I thought I would be all freaked out being without her, but I realized how much I missed our time together alone. So it was a lovely afternoon of shopping, going to the park, and talking without our little one. When we got home, of course I couldn't wait to hold her and give her a big kiss.

I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for family. What new adventures will we have, what new places will we visit? Not sure but I'm glad that we have a God that is good and all powerful. A God that is in control and no matter where He takes us, my family knows that it is for our good and for His glory. We know that no matter what happens, we will be happy in Him.

Enjoy the pictures:

The final product!!

Our little Koala Bear (thanks auntie Naomi and Uncle Sam)


rubyellen said...

Memory hunting!!! I love it!

Michael said...

Why is she wearing her pants on her head?

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