Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She's growing up so fast

She's not even three months yet and I've seen her learn how to do different things. I remember before she was born I thought I wouldn't be excited seeing the "firsts" in her life. I thought they wouldn't be big things for me, but as I stay home with her and interact with her I find myself smiling when she does something new. Today she went to sleep on her own...on her own and not on me!! That's a huge thing for me because before I would have to hold her and rock her until she would fall asleep and if I put her down she would wake up and cry. Of course I could have let her cry it out but I felt bad because I knew she was tired and I didn't want her to only have a 20 min. nap, so I would pick her up and let her sleep on me. But today, after she ate I put her down, put a blanket over her and next thing I knew she was asleep. Praise God!!

Another thing that I'm amazed about and how God has been gracious with me is how she's so on her schedule. She wakes me up around 8am, I say good morning to her, kiss her and then put her under her mobile while I get ready for the day and eat some breakfast.

Then comes our Bible time, I read her the bible explain to her the bible and then pray about what we read. We both love this time and she's always smiling away when I'm reading to her, and she's always talking away when I'm praying. I think she wants to pray!

After prayer we talk for a bit. She tells me how she slept and how her day was yesterday...she's a talker!! Then comes another eating and then nap. She's usually good with sleeping for a bit so I can do stuff and eat lunch. After that she goes into her gym to do another play time.

When she gets restless from her gym I take her outside for a little walk. Of course I have to get her ready for our walk since it's a bit sunny. (I don't know why there's a line while I'm typing). She enjoys our walk, I get tired because I'm holding her but she looks around and listens to all the different noises around her. She's very curious!

I'll put her on her swing for a bit to cool off and for me to get ready for dinner. She likes to swing!

Then she eats and takes another nap and by the time she wakes up...Daddy's home!! Woohoo. She enjoys that very much because she loves her daddy.

Of course each day can change especially when we go out and play...but for the most part she's usually good with her schedule. But when she doesn't get her naps...oh boy watch out she's grumpy!!

But for the most part...SHE'S A HAPPY BABY!


Michael said...

you are growing up fast too.. you know.. one more year!

The Zaportezas said...

she makes me smile!

PJ Tibayan said...

she's cute! Hi Sabrina, by the time we get back to L.A. (Lord willing) you will be BIG. We look forward to seeing you again.
-The Tibayans (ft)

Yes...it means girl said...

awwww..i miss my little Sabri!!!! =(

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