Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three Months...

She's so cute, all I want to do is squeeze her. She talks a lot, especially when I talk. She watches her hand move up and down. She grabs everything and puts everything in her mouth. She's so attentive and follows things and people with her eyes. She sits up for a long time, and she also likes to watch TV (especially the Lakers with her daddy). She sleeps around 4-6 hours at night, she doesn't cry that much and SHE LIKES HER CAR SEAT!! I'm so blessed to have my little one around, God has been using her to show me my sins, to teach me how to be patient and to grow me as a mother and wife. I know God has sustained my little girl these past three months and I'm soo thankful for that.

For her three month birthday celebration I took her to meet all my co-workers (well those who didn't go to lunch) and after getting overwhelmed by all those new faces we headed off to meet up with the new Mrs. Nepo and the Bratcher girls. It was a fun filled day; seeing the animals (of course she couldn't touch them) and then eating Mexican food...yum! But the day was not over, we headed to the Tigloa's house (along with the Nepos) for fellowship and dinner. It was super fun and her first day being out for the whole day!!!

Here's my little cowgirl!

Thanks Ruby for the pictures.


Frances Tibayan said...

Awh, you guys had fun! I wanna go. Oh, yeah I'm in DC :( Elijah and I need to make some play dates.

The Zaportezas said...

Sabrina's hat looks familiar. Is it from Texas??? Albert brought home the same exact one from one of his trips out there. Oh and the sweater looks so cute on her!

rubyellen said...

yay! we must hang out again! next week, my place!

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