Thursday, January 24, 2008

God blessing me with another year

God has been so gracious with me. He has sustained my life for so many years and continues to grow me and show me my sins. This year was different because it was my first birthday as a wife and mother. He continues to amaze me through His blessing which I do not deserve. I usually do not like to make a big deal about my birthday but God blessed me with a very lovely day.

I went to the mall for the first time by myself with my baby girl. We had our little mommy and daughter hang out; I wanted to go shopping to buy something for myself but ended up buying a dress for her. Of course I didn't mind buying her clothes, then we went to my parent's house for some cake. My dad and mom sang to me the birthday song and even prayed for me. I was so encouraged to hear them pray. Then I went home to meet my husband for dinner. We planned on eating at BJ's but it was a 45 min. wait; so sadly =) we had to go to Cheesecake. We had our first family dinner out together, she was such a good little girl. But the dinner was not the only thing we did for my birthday. On Saturday his sister watched out little girl and he took me to the Griffith Observatory. I have never been there and it was such a beautiful day and date!


Michael said...
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Michael said...

that last picture is still funky to me. and its almost been a year. love you both!

krissamartinez said...

g!! i like that last one of you both. its so cute and precious. i'm glad you both had some time to yourselves.

so we still on for saturday breakfast?

selle said...

aren't date night's (day's in your case-hehe) the best?!?!

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