Friday, February 8, 2008

Ministering to others as a mommy

She's almost 4 months now and God has been teaching me a lot. I remember when I was single and I was able to go here and there to meet up with people and minister to them. I would go after work, before work, or even during work to talk to others and show them Christ. I knew my life would drastically change when I got married and when I became a mommy. I didn't know how to fit serving others in my schedule so for a very long time I stepped aside and figured someone else can do it.
Lately God has been convicting my heart with my lack of love for others and my lack of serving others. Although He has changed my roles and now I have a daughter who is with me 24/7 that does not mean I should stop serving His children. Of course I can't go here and there whenever I want to but that also does not mean that I can't go. So that's what I'm trying to do now, visit those who are home during the day and serve them and show them Christ. I try not to do it everyday for I need to manage my home and not neglect it and I don't want her always going here and there. But Praise God she's been okay with going out with me to see people, but I not only want to see them but I want to be more intentional while I'm there. So please pray for me as I start my new ministry to others.

Yesterday I was able to visit the Bratcher girls and check out their new home. It was my first time visiting but I know it won't be my last.


Frances Tibayan said...

Children and ministry can definitely go hand and hand, and in a sense have to, if you are a busy mommy and want to serve others and be served...there will be interruptions but whoever you meet with should know that and understand that.

At CHBC there are sooooo many mommies, its crazy! And all are like Elijah's age. There are many interruptions as we talk in the playground and the kids run around :)

Frances Tibayan said...

Hi! Oh thanks for trying to save us some clothes...I would just say if you can wait til we get back b/c then we have to repack it and get it back home the next month or that same month. We plan on going back June or July, not sure it depends. Thanks again though! Yeah I can't wait to you and Sabrina meet her too :)

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