Monday, February 4, 2008

Sabrina's first trip to the park

It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining the clouds were out...we didn't want to stay indoors so we decided to go outside and play. We headed to the park that's right next to our house. We love this park, it's so beautiful with so many trees and a little pond with ducks. We enjoy walking around and many times we see people taking pictures for various occasions. But today the park was slightly empty which we enjoyed very much.

We wanted Sabrina to play in the playground with the other little kids, but since she is unable to walk we settled with her sitting on daddy's lap while going down the slide.

She is so his daughter...they have the same facial expression!

After the slide we wanted her to see the water falls, the pond and of course the park itself. It looked like she was enjoying herself, her eyes were moving around and her hands were clinging to daddy.

It was getting cold but we couldn't leave just yet, we wanted her to see the duckies. We walked around the pond and by the time we walked around it, she was sleeping. She was tired!!
We headed home and said good-bye to the park!


helen said...

how fun!!!!! sabrina is an adventurous baby!

btw, i replied to your, along with everyone else's, comments to my last post in the same comments section. :)

krissamartinez said...

how is she your daughter?? hahaha! you're so dark and she's so light! i love it!!

mike manny said...

dude that's a nice park
where is it?

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