Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A delightful surprise

Last night my awesome hubby surprised me with an early Mother's Day dinner. I had no idea where we were going until he couldn't find the restaurant so he told me and I knew exactly were it was. The address was lame and that's why he couldn't find it (sorry no pictures since it was a surprise).

The evening started with me wanting tacos from this place in brea because of Cinco de Mayo. He then said "I don't think you want tacos, you are going to want something else." I was like "wwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaattttttttttt???" So we get home and I'm able to leave the car when he tells me to stay in the car with baby girl because we were going somewhere else. I was thinking...oooh tacos!! Then we drive off and exit Imperial Highway and I was like ya tacos but baby girl was getting aggitated because she was hungry so we stopped by Ralphs to get her some chips. After that we kept driving on Imperial and I was like hey we are passing the taco place and heading towards La Habra area. I start joking around that we were going to the Bonus' house but he didn't say anything.

We keep driving and then finally turn on Juanita street and stop in front of a house...yup the Bonus' house. I was sooooooo confused. I was happy to see Bianca since I haven't seen her forever and then it finally hit me, we were dropping off baby girl. But of course she didn't have anything because mr. hubby forgot to bring anything. So we said good-bye to baby girl and headed off to the lovely surprise.

Oh it was a delightful time having dinner only with my hubby. Don't get me wrong, we love having baby girl with us...but it's so nice being alone. It was soooooooooooo good and a great experience.

Do you want to know where he took me...he took me to...........


ya for fondue!!!!! oh sooo good!!


selle said...

yay i love surprises!!!

kalangot said...

how nice! how was it? I've never been there but I heard it was delicious!

Frances Tibayan said...

Thanks for the comment.

I was encouraged by Caleb and his love for you! (Plz share with him) It is always nice when the hubby's plan and scheme :P I'm glad y'all had a fun, special and your fondue :)

bianca. said...


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