Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Disneyland Goal

Since we have a pass I wanted to make sure that I take pictures of baby girl with all the Disney characters that comes out and greet everyone. We would talk about it, and when she would watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I would ask her if she wants to meet the characters and she would always say yes.

So off we went for another day to Disneyland but with a goal in take pictures with characters. Once we got there we saw Pluto and Mickey. Of course Mickey has a long line but Pluto had a little we head over to him. Once it was our turn baby girl starts to hide behind me and didn't even want to touch Pluto. I took the picture anyway but it wasn't the picture I wanted and I didn't want to force her to take one, so I guess I have to wait for round two with Pluto to see if she'll be okay.

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