Thursday, May 14, 2009

She did it again...

Last night she points at the toilet and says "pee pee." I sort of ignore it and continue to do my thing, and then she points her potty and says "pee pee." So my hubby ask her if she wants to go pee pee and she nods yes and so he puts her on her potty. We don't think too much of it, we figured she just wants to sit on her potty like mommy does and then after a while she wants to get up and when she does...we see pee pee.


now i just have to pay attention to her during the day when she says "pee pee."

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The Hows said...

"oops, she did it again..." that's what i thought of when i saw your post. yay, sabrina! how cool is that? they say girls learn faster than boys. looks like that's true for sabrina! good girl! yah, and how come you're not paying attention? just kidding

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