Monday, May 11, 2009

she's a big girl now

For christmas we bought her a potty even though she barely turned one. At first I was planning on potty training her before the new baby was born, but after talking to other people and our ped. doctor I changed my mind and decided to wait until maybe she's 2 years old or something like that.

But we still put out her potty in the bathroom and tell her that she goes pee pee and poo poo in there. She'll sit on it with her diaper and I'll ask her where her potty is and she'll point to it. So at least she's familiar with it. She also sees our toilet and I tell her that mommy and daddy goes pee pee and poo poo in there.

Last night we were in the bedroom getting ready for bed and she goes in the bathroom and start saying "pee pee." I go in there and I see her pointing at the toilet, and then I ask her, "do you want to go pee pee?" she says yes and so I tell her to go to her potty. I take off her diaper and she sits on her potty. She sits there for a while and I tell her she can't get up until she is goes pee pee. Then after a while she's trying to get up and Caleb helps her and he tells me "she went pee pee." I was like what!! I didn't hear anything...but my little girl successfully went pee pee in her potty and I'm not even training her.

She's such a big girl now.


Michael said...

training by doing nothing. Amazing!

richelle jean said...



but hey! 30 minutes was added to that 2AM mark because of traffic due to construction on the freeway! go me! means girl said...

Yay! Pee pee in the pottay! Pee pee in the pottay!!!

selle said...

whoo-hoo!!! good job sabrina!

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