Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Very eventful Memorial Day weekend.


Actually our weekend started on Thursday with our "Random Thursday Outing" as a family.  Where did we go you might ask?  Well no where fancy, just to Disneyland!!  Yup it was a very busy day at Disneyland and California Adventure.  Not sure why it was so busy but the weather was nice so I didn't mind it too much.  As a family we headed to Disneyland around 11am to meet up with our good friends Ninong Michael and the "ghost."  What a "ghost"?  Not really a ghost but someone who we haven't seen for the longest time....ATE NIKKI!!  It was fun spending like an hour with her (I'll take anything).  


Then after we said our good-byes to her, we headed to California Adventure so Ninong Michael and hubby if mine can challenge each other once again to a round of Toy Story Mania (Ninong Michael won last time).  But before we rode that right they randomly rode other rides that were along the way, rides that the little one and I couldn't participate with.  So while they rode we went to this sort of playground that was shaped like a ship.  She wanted to take pictures and I was happy to be her photographer.


We finally rode Toy Story and woohoo Hubby won that round (which means it's 1-1).  We didn't know where else to go so decided to go back to Disneyland to meet up with Ate Penny (according to my little one she says "pe pe").  The boys headed to the car to move it since their time limit was over while we were taking pictures with Pluto.  Little one got all excited when she saw Pluto but of course when it was her turn to take a picture with him, she started to get shy so Ate Penny carried her and took the picture with her.  Finally our first character picture!!! Good job Ate Penny with doing Ninang duties. 


Our day was finally coming to a close since it was nearly 5pm and all of us were oh so tired.  Alainee and Aimee barely got there and we wanted to see them and their kids but we sadly just missed each other.  Oh well maybe next time.

During the day our family just chilled until we had to go to church for the CFBC Annual Youth Talent Show.  It was a very awesome show with so many talents and I see how the Lord has been growing everyone who performed.  It was nice seeing Ryan playing with his guitars, Reinna singing again, and Buzz/Sandy duet doing their things.  I was amazed by Alex's determination with memorizing bible verses and of course all those dancers out there, you guys were great. 

I was also sooooo excited to see "AARON MOY" make an appearance!! Only certain people will understand that...can't explain it on here.

After the Talent show we all headed to Ninong Ian's house for his surprise birthday party.  It was very fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I think he was surprised too... Good joy Melody with planning it.



After enjoying yourself with the ice cream cake she did some top model pose for us; she was copying Ate Penny.


In the afternoon we headed to Rowland Heights High School to watch Derek and Lidia perform in their school's Pop Show.  This year I was impressed with the performances because they were not raunchy and very kid friendly.  Oh if you ever seen their Pop Show, you will know what I am talking about.  The last time I went was 2 years ago for Brian, Peniel, and Nikki.  Wow that was so long ago but it was cool seeing Derek and Lidia enjoying themselves.  Afterwards we just went home to watch Slumdog Millionaire which was good and me baking Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownie Babies.  






The usual Sunday of going to CFBC for service and having some little fellowship with different people during Pot Luck.  But instead of going home afterwards we went to my parents house so I could bake a cake for my cousin's graduation celebration.  Woohoo Joshua finally graduated from Fullerton.  So basically I was able to spend some time with my family since my cousins were down from San Jose (they are on break).  Spending time with family is always fun.



We headed to Newport Beach to meet up with the Hernandez family but it took forever to meet up with them.  Whne we got there we asked them which pier they were at and they said Balboa so we headed towards that pier and it took forever to find a parking spot.  But when we finally found one we discovered that they were at Newport Pier which is like 2 miles away.  My hubby didn't want to drive anymore so we just walked to the other pier, it took forever but it was a nice day so we both didn't mind.  Little one was getting annoyed that she was in her stroller and couldn't play like the other kids.  But once we found them, she enjoyed herself very much in the water and the sand!!



We enjoyed ourselves this Memorial Day Weekend!!!


selle said...

oh i love her lil bikini and her lil chubby legs!!! super cute!

krissamartinez said...

haha i love that picture of her on her head! so so cute!

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