Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mini Vacation

On Wednesday we left LAX to fly to Dayton, Ohio. Yes Dayton, Ohio where the talk of the town is mowing your lawn. Dude everyone here has nice lawns so why not brag about it I right?

Well anyway so far (since it's our first day here) it's been a bit tiresome...trying to be on a plane for 4 hours with a sleepy toddler who does not want to sleep. Also being preggers hasn't help too much, airplane bathrooms are super tiny!!! But it's been an awesome first day.

Oh yes the reason for this trip. Caleb's good friend (who was his best man at our wedding) is getting married on Saturday and Caleb is his bestman. Well being able to spend time with him and see his excitement of getting married to his lovely fiance Sarah. Oh it makes me want to get married again...well not really!

I pray that during our trip here we are able to grow closer as a family and enjoy each other's company while being away from our reality. Hopefully I'll can capture some more cool picture of our trip. Here are some pictures from the plane using hubby's phone.

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