Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She's an awesome big sister

She's a great big sister. There are moments when she gets jealous and wants all my attention. But for the most part she loves her little sister and tries to help me with taking care of her. When she sees her sister spit up milk, she'll go over with a burping towel and wipe her mouth. When she starts whinning in her bouncer, she'll go over and rock her (sometimes too hard) to try to calm her down because she knows that what she wants. When she is crying on her co-sleeper, she'll go over and put her hand on her belly and say "shhh" like mommy and then proceed to give her a binky. She's not two yet but she's so mature for her age. She's totally my little helper and although she can drive me crazy...I love her! I love seeing her take care of her little sister and I pray they will always have this kind of relationship when they grow up.


Jacquie said...

I love that last picture. It is mos def a ptL kind of love.

selle said...

cute!!! that's how taylor is with peyton!!! it's tooo cute! i love it!

krissamartinez said...

aww. that's so awesome!

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