Friday, September 11, 2009

A lovely little stroll

Last Thursday our family along with Michael ventured off to explore the great Huntington Library. It was a fun day but a very very hot day which made it hard to enjoy it. My little girl enjoyed herself (I think) looking at different plants and running around the place...but she really liked playing with the water. She likes water which is a great thing for me because I don't have to yell and scream when it's bath/shower time. Baby girl was sleeping away as usual, dude she's like sleeping beauty. She's always sleeping, well until she gets hungry then she'll wake up, eat, then sleep again. I didn't blame her, it was so hot I wanted to sleep and be pushed around. One thing though...The Huntington Library is not stroller friendly. It was so hard to get around the gardens, especially the Japanese garden. But it was still enjoyable.

she loves playing with water

she's a big girl now who loves to walk

she loves her ninong

I love my hubby

She loves her daddy.

one of my favorite shots

another favorite

this is my favorite

sleeping beauty


Iris said...

oh i miss the huntington library! matt and i were members there. it was seriously our favorite place. remember that one time we saw you and caleb there? that was the first time matt and i met him.

Hazel said...

cute! is the huntington library free on thursdays?

Gen said...

its free the first thursday of the month but you need to reserve it the first of the previous month. I'm going to try to get tickets for Nov. 1st thursday on Oct. 1st at 9am.

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